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New Year and New Growth
January 3, 2015

And it is the start of another year. Big changes for oldest granddaughter, my Rose, who has started kindergarten. Amazing how quickly the increased independence goes to their little heads. But so exciting how she is starting to be able to read some words
Over Christmas we had some bonus time together–teaching her to cut out paper snowflakes was some of our sweetest time. Sharing peanut butter and honey toast. And when she gave me a ceramic cat bank with roses on that had been hers–because she wanted to share it with me.
And Fireball also grows smarter and funnier with each passing day. Highly impressive today she was putting clothes on hangers–pretty awesome for a two year old. She knows more and more words, helps clear the table after she eats, and tonight even gave a squeezy hug–as Rose does.
The two girls love each other so much. Listening to them laugh and chatter together is the sweetest music. They are the best gift–

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