Too Quickly 

Again the summer has passed too quickly and the extended times with my Rose are returning back to the alternate weekends of the school year.  It has been a too eventful summer with great grandma being ill and Uncle and Fireball moving out (a whole other post if I have a chance to write it).  Today I was pushed into writing by my favorite author, Anne Lamott, who made her Facebook friends promise to invest half an hour in a creative pursuit. 

Yesterday I thought about here–had a poetic line rolling around in my head about the grasshoppers in the backyard calling Rose’s name and wondering where she was.   She loves chasing them and I saw some huge ones.  Should have been “our weekend” but got taken away at the last moment–and I was broken-hearted.   A lot of that the last months–losing Snickers (Rose’s feline friend since birth, mine for 15 years), losing Prince, cancer taking loved ones and loved ones wrestling with it, friends close doing distancing things, so much I haven’t even words to describe. Have learned that lawnmowing  is a good time for tears–when one is wrestling with overgrown grass a grimace is a logical face to wear and no one can hear you cry.   

We did have fun together–our melted marshmallows that turned into epoxy, watching the Olympics,  walking and finding huge bird feathers, reading and baking.  It just passes way too fast–


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