Back Again

Can’t believe how infrequently I have been being here as indeed this is one of my total happy places.  Being a grandma with a live in dear granddaughter, being a mom to her daddy/ my live in adult son (without being too bossy), contemplating what I can do to help my vulnerable adult daughter when I am so weary of that, attempting sometimes to actually be a daughter (a neglected task), caring for my four fur children, working, and trying to keep my house and yard together has been a whirlwind–Now during summer I have a bit of time to breathe–but I am not good at doing that because I feel the need, however futile it is, to try to catch up–keep reminding myself, as my Flylady mentor says, to just jump in where I am at and do the best I can with baby steps but I am so impatient with myself.

My Rose is here for the summer alternate weeks, sort of, becoming more complicated as she gets older with more social commitments at her other home.  She is learning to read which is awesome!  And she is learning to be more argumentative–not so much awesome.  She still loves flowers and bugs and our cats and smoothies and stuffed animals.  She still takes my breath away every time I look at her, I guess that is a built in factor with first grandchildren!

My Fireball is still her glowing self–getting smarter and smarter and never slowing down.  Her comedic skills are awesome, especially at breakfast on the week-end.   She loves music as ever, creating her own songs such as “Rockabye Baby Jesus”.  She loves to be helpful and put stuff away, even sometimes when you beg her not to–  She loves the cats dearly although still maintains that dogs are grandma’s favorite animal.  Her favorite expression after prayers every night is “Hallelulah!” which I hope never changes–tho I know it will some day–

They are ever my sunshines, my dearest earthly gifts.


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