Summertime with the Sunshines–

Hard to believe three months without a post but being grandma times two continues to be a challenge as well as a joy–My Rose is growing and thriving thru the year of being three (my, at least up til now, favorite age of childhood–I seriously believe it is the best year) and Fireball is 3 1/2 months.  Rose continues to be my ever sunshine and Fireball appears to be following in that path also, though she has a “melt steel” look in her repertoire that makes me definitely question what I was saying to have that glare directed at me.

     They are indeed warm, sweet, beautiful little girls, in my grandma opinion, but I think they are much like icebergs with a great deal of them that is beneath the surface–the story going on behind the story.  I pray for them constantly that they will be able to come to terms with all that entails with the strength of personality that I see them both exhibiting.   Even a new playmate who struggled with pronouncing my Rose’s name ended up morphing it into “Angel”–seeing something that I knew was in her, though I never saw it in her name before.  The prayer that goes into these radiant sunshines to have them dazzle so brightly has always been answered with a resounding “Yes!” and I trust that God will continue to bless the world, as God already has, with their amazing light!


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