Grandmama indeed–

Today I received my first memorable validation of the grandmama status that I had once hoped to have and I didn’t even have to be the one to explain  it–the woman who gave it just knew.   My Rose and I were at the grocery store and the cashier in the lane adjacent to ours said hi to her.  I was rather surprised as she is probably my least favorite store employee because she has often treated me rather crankily–including catching me obliviously using expired coupons and telling me she was doing me a favor by not letting me use them, which perhaps I may understand  if I were a youth and she was my elder but she is the far younger of the two of us.   She then asked Rose where her mommy was and my cashier interrupted something to the effect that I was the mommy grandma–she knew!  The other cashier asked if that was indeed so–that I took care of her and I answered proudly “yes”  and regretfully “sometimes”.    They also commented on her happiness and cuteness (well, of course I know all about that!)–but the best part of all was that the woman knew where my heart truly is–


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