Not sure if that’s a word but it is what is happening in my head and heart–Sunday afternoon is always the countdown of hours and minutes til we have to bid farewell to our Sunshine–and no matter what attempts are made to enjoy these fleeting moments they somehow always are shadowed by clouds full of teardrops.
My Rose has developed the wisdom now to see and try to comfort me–paradoxically her tenderness increases my sadness, I hate to have her see me feel bad when she is here because she brings me so much joy. I wish I could just get to the bottom of this ocean of tears and be done with it but the depth of it is seeming to increase rather than decrease. Now with the addition of Fire child there is a whole other ocean, which has barely begun to be charted or plumbed and I fear there are vast waves there to be encountered as well–
I look forward to the land of no more good-byes–


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  1. So touching and heart-rending!!

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