I cannot understand where this summer has gone to–I think  it could perhaps have melted because of the way too many hot days we have had–or perhaps washed away by all the rain–anyhow it is dwindling away and now I am anticipating, with mixed emotions,  my last week with my Rose next week–eager for the time with her but so very sad that the substantial time is almost gone–

Looking back on what we have done, I feel it is so minimal–not many trips to the park or swimming or library-been shopping a few times, which she loves-always finding at least one person in the store to bond with-sharing her warm and wonderful smile.   It seems she is enjoying more and more to help with gardening, picking flowers and literally baptizing them in the bird bath.  Her major revelation that she shared with me is that rose petals are shaped like hearts– I know I never saw that before–and how appropriate for her, my Rose, to discover.  Her love of animals has spread to include “squirms” (worms)–one of her major summer vocabulary words–and she is endlessly fascinated by ants, spiders, and all things crawly.

Her love of books has been strong as ever and combining it with her love of animals, she was elated to see a display of Clifford book stuffed toys at a department store–she had to give one of each breed a hug and willingly relinquished them–happy to be allowed to just bring one home.  (Cleo, the purple poodle–the only girl dog in one of her favorite colors–I couldn’t leave her behind!)  She has continued bonding with our real cats, even allowing Snickers–her favorite–to care for one of her stuffed ones when she had to leave us–

And the leaving–a topic in itself–Never, ever, ever does it get one morsel easier to say farewell to her–Always, always there are tears and now she can verbalize “it’s hard to say good-bye”–at least she isn’t the one crying–

Verbalizing continually–On a particularly rough day, which are blessedly rare, we were discussing who in the house is boss and she stated unequivocally that she is Princess Boss.  I had to quickly come back with Queen Boss–but I think somebody is quite well aware of princess power and more than eager to utilize it–Of course when she is the cutest child my son and I have ever seen we have to constantly be on guard for her continual attempts to wind us around her charming little finger–

Oh my dearest Rose, you are maturing so quickly and on the verge of being a preschooler in a few short weeks–please, please let some of the summer’s happy moments together be written on your heart to carry with you and let nothing take them away–


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