Yes, it has been a long winter but my lovely Rose continues to blossom and grow so rapidly it makes my head and heart spin!   The moments she is here are truly always springtime, no matter what the calendar (or forecast) may say.  As she is trekking thru the mine-field of being “two years old” (not just “two” as she explains),  her increasing thought process  is amazing.  To maintain domination over the couch, she proclaims both ends as “her spot”.  When putting away toys, there is a sudden need “to go potty first”–which requires of course hand-washing and lotion afterwards but then “can’t put away toys with lotion on”.   When saying evening prayers,  the family animals come up without reminders–and Snickers (her BFF kitty) twice!  And then there is always “one more” of many things (especially fruit, chocolate, and good night squeezy hugs)–they become usually several more, an interesting translation of toddler talk.

But a few of the most special moments for me were  during our all too brief Spring break week together:  First of all, going to the drugstore with her and having her adamantly request looking thru the greeting card aisle–some grandma DNA from me has to have transferred for that to occur (we both love sparkly cards!).  Second,  when we talked about how she has a most of the time home with her Auntie N and Uncle B (and Cousin B) yet this is also a home here with Grandma and Uncle C–in part, because it was truly her first home and always will be-Her response was an emphatic “Thank you so much, Grandma!”  and I think somehow she is beginning to understand in some small way–Lastly, one day walking up the back sidewalk we kicked a rock and she said “Remember last summer,  kick rocks Grandma?”–I was astounded how she remembered and I hope and pray that the tales of our all too seldom together times will remain as indelibly etched in her heart as they are in mine–


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