The one who makes life be real–

To steal a line from my son, “It’s not morning til she says “Good morning”–I guess that’s one reason it is so hard to say good bye to my Rose when it is time for her to leave–She is the one who makes life be real, who makes it clear what priorities should be, who fills the day with her laughter & her love–

She is always so ready to share, she even makes “tea” for our kitty cats & brings them their toys to play with.    Her first stop in the house when she arrives for a visit is always her book bin, with the eager squeal of  “Read it-please!”  She wants to help “clean up”:  her toys, the crumbs on her high chair tray, the leaves outside (even with a rake twice her size).  So eager to be where the action is at that now even nap time & bed time are becoming harder for her to handle because she just doesn’t want to miss anything going on.  It is such a total enthusiasm for life–as a church friend said a few weeks back–perhaps it is because it is all still so very new to her.   And her zest spills over to those of us who are privileged to watch her & listen to her laugh & sing–

If only we didn’t have to say good-bye–


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