Princess has left the building

After an all too brief weekend, the silence has descended again as the princess has departed.   This time, due to a rearranged schedule and me getting ill, it was three weeks apart from her–amazing how much changes so rapidly at her age!  At first sight, she seemed like a totally different child–taller and more mature looking–but of course as soon as I held her in my arms, I knew I had my Rosebud back.

More new words and phrases in her vocabulary-“I do it myself” and “mine” popped up more frequently and, for the first time, today I heard “why?”  I am sure that will  be followed by a million more–the girl most definitely has an inquiring mind–as she has already said “what that?”” countless times in the past months–sometimes leaving me stymied as I try to discern exactly which “that” she is referring to–

But the most precious moments, well actually  the second most precious –after how she cuddles into my arms and melts into me with her hugs–was her decorating her toy riding car this afternoon with flowers.  We picked some pink flowers that coordinated with her outfit-she smelled them and declared them “yummy” and then put them on the steering wheel of the car.  Definitely an appearance of her grandma’s flower loving genes–no matter what there is a part of me that she carries inside her–

Even if I feel like my soul and my light are lost in some huge abyss when she is not with me, at least a little piece of my soul is with her and flickers of my light can shine thru her–so she can keep hope burning to reflect back to me when we are together again…


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