Our week, until now…

So this is a week with my Rose and it seems like it just floats on by with accelerating speed as the weekend draws near.

This morning we put together a toy storage chest with bins on racks and she even helped turn the screwdriver!  Perhaps she has inherited some wood-working skill from her daddy (or mine).  Wouldn’t have dreamed of attempting a project like this with pretty much any other toddler but she was helpful, bringing numerous cups of “tea” from her tea set  and sharing her bucket “hat” with me.  Then of course as we tried to put away toys in it, some other toys were unearthed after being ignored awhile so they had to come back out again.

We also created a boat this week from a neon pink cardboard storage box that had been waiting to be used, sitting in the depths of my closet for years–never thought it would be for this type of project!  And used up a zillion old stickers to make it pretty.  Of  course then two minutes later the stickers get peeled off again but then I just have to find more.

A happy event for yesterday was having a friend with a three week old baby come to visit–so unbelievable that my Rose was that small–  The new little girl  is like a tiny bud, as Rose once was, but  in comparison I see how way too amazingly fast Rose is starting to blossom and become lovelier and smarter every day.   Today when getting dressed she did a butterfly dance cuz she was so excited to wear butterflies on her shirt and shorts..butterfly is one of the words she has learned from uncle.  She also already seems to know the letter A when she sees it and is starting to learn colors.  (As a person working with special ed preschoolers I notice these things with awe and wonder–neurotypical has not been my world view).

I suppose nap time is about over so I guess I get to return to Rose world-while she sleeps I sojourn a bit in my own  territory but it is just a quick trip to attend to things that need to be done without her and then it is back to her realm…which is really a very happy place most of the time since she is so blessedly and miraculously a happy child!


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