Inspiration?? Motivation??

Blessedly, as of late, I have been able to wake up a little bit before the rest of the household sometimes to enjoy a quiet cup of coffee and/or watering my flowers..Used to happen all the time but last summer somehow it was lost…
Anyway, today, out on our somewhat pathetic patio–a stroke of inspiration hit! Due to my personal economy (not my pal Barack’s fault), I have been under a floral freeze that has caused a drastic drop in botany investing. A situation that is necessary but distressing to me as normally that is a major de-stressor in my life. Anyhow, I realized that I want my Rose to be able to enjoy our patio as I have –“outside” is one of her favorite words. SO, time to scrub out the birdbath, sweep out the weeds, revitalize my homemade fountain, re-assemble my table, get the chairs from the garage, and just maybe splurge on a few flowers that are now on sale…Motivation enough for a 90 degree day?! Rose is going to be here next Monday and it is supposed to be an “average” temperature week for us to enjoy–beyond the fact she is already starting to peruse my gardening books!


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